French President Hopeful: Would Change EU Power Balance if Elected

“French presidential candidate Francois Hollande vowed Friday to change the balance of power within the European Union if he is elected, as h

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European stars.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

e attempted to boost his international standing and play down the cool treatment he has been receiving from the continent’s conservative leaders.

During a trip to Warsaw, Hollande tried to push forward the idea that the fiscal pact the EU treaty leaders agreed upon in December–and which was signed by 25 of the 27 nations last week–needs to be radically changed to include more growth-boosting measures.

Hollande said his standing as a freshly elected president in one of the bloc’s main nations would give him enough leverage to implement changes.

“When a great nation like ours makes a choice, the new head of state has a bigger legitimacy than that of an outgoing leader,” Hollande told journalists during a visit to Warsaw’s ancient Jewish ghetto. “I’ll plead in favor of a renegotiation. They’ll have in front of them a freshly elected president who will make growth and employment prevail, and who will fight for the re-orientation of the EU.”

Hollande said it wouldn’t be difficult to find other countries willing to change the Treaty.”

French President Hopeful: Would Change EU Power Balance if Elected

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